Trademark Services

We enjoy helping breweries and distilleries establish, protect and enforce their brands. We handle all aspects of the trademark practice, including clearing trademarks, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, and, when necessary, representing clients in enforcing their trademark rights against infringers.

Our trademark service offerings include:

  • Review and discussion of potential new trademarks
  • Trademark searching (in-house and/or using a professional search agent)
  • Preparing and filing initial U.S. trademark applications
  • Prosecuting trademark applications through to registration
  • Providing advice regarding international protection and coordinating
    filings in other countries
  • Handling declarations of use and renewals for registered trademarks
  • Preparation and negotiation of trademark licenses and assignments
  • Sending demand letters to infringers
  • Handling trademark litigation

All of these services, aside from litigation, are provided at flat fee rates. All of our fees will be communicated upfront. At no point will you ever get an invoice from for us that includes amounts billed for time spent talking to you, sending you an email, or reminding you about an upcoming deadline.

In addition to trademark services, we can also assist you with contracts and other legal issues. Please see our general website for additional information about our firm’s other legal services.

For further information about our services and/or our flat fees, please contact Brad Stohry or Natalie Dean.