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We are passionate about craft beers and spirits and enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are making their brewery and distillery dreams come true.

Protect Your Brand

Your brands tell a story and distinguish your products from those of your competitors. Given this importance, breweries and distilleries must conduct the necessary clearance searching before choosing a new brand. Once the brand has been selected, it is also generally a good idea to file a trademark application to protect it. Failing to clear and protect your trademark could mean later learning that another brewery or distillery has adopted the same or a similar brand. This leads to additional expense either fighting over the brand or having to change to a new brand altogether. It’s best to address these issues at outset.

Not a Typical Law Firm

In order to avoid the cost and hassle of dealing with a suit and tie legal team, many breweries and distilleries fail to do anything to clear or protect their brands. Reichel Stohry Dean LLP is working to change the intimidating and expensive experience of dealing with legal counsel. We’ve exchanged marble walls with arcade games, and suits with jeans. While our experienced attorneys excel with trademark selection, clearance, protection, and enforcement, we do things differently from a typical law firm. Speaking with our attorneys is not an unpleasant experience and instead of billing by the hour, we have an affordable flat fee structure for all our trademark services that our clients find very appealing.

Let’s work together to protect and build your brand. Contact us for a free initial consultation.